Focus on Quality

Focus on Service & Quality

Giti seeks to provide the best tire solution to efficiently meet the quality, durability, and cost demands of fleets, trucks, and buses around the world. With consistent high quality product options, high levels of customer interaction, and regional programs such as Giti Assist that provide full-time on-call service, Giti’s focus is on drivers and their needs.

Top Class R&D Facilities & Personnel

Top Class Production and R&D

In each of Giti’s eight plants and five cutting-edge R&D facilities, the company sets the highest standard of research and quality control procedures. A highly stringent quality control system and concern for exceeding the safety and quality demands in regions across the globe separates the brand from the competition. A focus on reliability and durability is placed on the production of all truck tires produced by the company.

Awards and Recognition From The Best

Recognition From Fleets & Trucking Organizations

The company has earned extensive recognition from highly credited organizations around the world and some of the automotive industry’s largest names. Giti has also won the accolades of many fleet groups and other large truck and bus organizations, who have reported strong results after switching to the brand’s tires.

A Long History of Success

A Long History of Success

Giti’s roots go back over 60 years, consistently focusing on top quality production, performance, and safety. While the brand has certainly developed greatly throughout the years, the passion and desire to provide consumers top quality tires remains unchanged. This is evident in how the company does business with truck and bus customers even today.

Respect Around the World

Respect Around the World

Giti tires are sold in nearly 100 countries around the world, and a wide variety of fleets and trucking organizations rely on Giti tires for their business transportation. Through top performance products and support services, the brand has a reputation for quality, performance, and safety.

A Greater Mission

A Greater Mission

Giti has an environmental and humanitarian drive that ties into all actions. The company particularly builds this into the areas of Tire Usage, Manufacturing Process, and Environmental Conservation. Partnerships with groups like Conservation International and large financial support to health and environmental causes have allowed Giti to strive to make the world a better place.

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